The 3 Hair Accessories to Help You Spring Forward into the Season

April 2nd, 2014 • Posted by ATHENA JEAN • Permalink

It's time to think spring. Ditch the winter coats, put the wool sweaters away and break out some brightly colored spring clothes. To top off your spring wardrobe this season, think about adding a hair accessory. On your next outing to the mall, you can grab a few trendy pieces that won't break the bank. Check out the top three must-have hair accessories this season.


It's official -- headbands are back. That doesn't mean you can break out the big padded headband you rocked in the 90s, this season's headbands are smaller and usually have an embellishment. A thin headband with a cloth flower attached is popular. Elastic headbands are hot too. A lot of the elastic headbands have a jeweled embellishment, like a diamond-covered bow.


Wrap a scarf around your updo to add a little panache to your look. A scarf sits in the same place as a headband, on top of the head and just behind the ears. With scarfs, bright colors are the way to go. You can wear a simple black dress or a solid colored suit and the pop of color from the scarf will kick your look up a notch.


Twist your hair back into a messy bun and slide a pearled comb on top to turn your look from gym-ready to job-ready. Combs with gems, rhinestones and pearls are trendy right now. Typically, just one comb is enough to transform your look. You don't want three or four jeweled combs holding up your hair. While they can keep hair away from your face, combs should be used for decoration. For $20 or less you can grab a few of these accessories to put some sparkle into your spring.

Keep your look in check during this transition and book your next appointment with us today. Call to schedule your appointment.

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All That Glitters is Bold in Spring Makeup

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St. Patrick's Day is on the way. But that's not the only reason you'll be seeing green this spring. According to Pantone, the world-renowned color experts, emerald green is the 2013 Color of the Year.

As daring as last year's Color of the Year, tangerine tango, emerald green is bright and bold. And just as makeup artists found a way last year to incorporate that tangy orange color on lips, you can expect to see emerald green everywhere this spring.

It starts with the eyes. From Miami to Milan women will be rocking emerald green eye shadows and liners. You can wear it matte at work or blinged out with bedazzled lashes at night. No matter what your style or skin color, emerald green seems to wear well.

Although emerald is the spring show stopper Pantone forecasts that Poppy Red, Nectarine, African Violet, Lemon Zest, Dusk Blue, Grayed Jade, Tender Shoots and Linen will also be hot colors in fashion and makeup this spring.

Of course makeup manufacturers will find fun fancy names for these colors. What you want to look for are the shades and the trend. The trend appears to be balancing bold with bland, as in loud colors with soft pastels.

Expect to find Poppy Red on lips. A muted, almost faded red, poppy gives lips a youthful more natural look than more dramatic reds, like fire engine. Considered romantic, poppy also works as a blush.

An alternative to emerald eyes is to go with Monaco Blue, a rich cobalt color. Whether matte or with a hint of shimmer, this blue dazzles as an eye shadow for the evening. Finish the look with a sapphire blue liner and extra long lashes for added drama.

Purples have been popular for the past ten years. But this year, instead of the deep plums and eggplant shades, go for softer lilac-like purples such as African Violet. Sweet and feminine, this soft purple can unleash your inner girlie girl as an eye color, lip gloss or even a cheek color. It's like pink with a little more personality.

Speaking of pink, screaming pinks such as fuchsia have faded to make way for colors like Dusk Blue, a soft baby blue that compliments Monaco and Cobalt. Not as harsh as the 1970s sky blue that resurfaced a few years ago, this new baby blue has a washed out feel and can transition from spring and summer to fall.

That's the best thing about the new springs colors; they are transitional and versatile. With floral prints continuing to trend in spring dresses and accessories, you can experiment with many of these colors.

The key is to have fun. Don't be afraid to layer. Sprinkle a bit of glitz over any of these colors for instant glam.

This spring is about combine and contrast. Soft meets bold, bright balances dark and matte makes as a canvas for glitter. Yes glitter, shimmer and shine. If it sparkles, you can find it in makeup this spring.

As sequined and embellished fashion remains trendy it seems only natural that gems would wind up on our faces. Emerald anyone?

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Eyelash Extensions in Three Forms

February 19th, 2014 • Posted by ATHENA JEAN • Permalink

If you're looking for ways to pump up the volume on your lashes, getting extensions might be your solution. Eyelash extensions can be subtle or head-turning dramatic. It all depends on the look you want. Before making any decisions, you'll want to know about the various kinds of eyelash extensions that are available. Check out our eyelash guide to help find the best option.

Synthetic lashes

Synthetic, or acrylic lashes, are the most durable lashes out there. Their firm build allows them to keep their curl and offers a fairly dramatic look. They're a bit glossy, and some people say they don't feel or look as natural as other lash extensions. They're best for younger clients with a full set of natural lashes.

Silk lashes

Silk lashes aren't as heavy as synthetic lashes and tend to stay on a bit longer than synthetics too. Silk lashes can accommodate various looks, from eye-popping to subtle. They're good for women with fine or weak lashes.

Mink lashes

You can get real mink lashes or fake, it's a personal preference really. Mink lashes are popular with celebrities because they look and feel like real lashes. Plus, they're so fine and lightweight they tend to stay in place longer. While they have many benefits, they are more expensive. They also take a bit longer to apply. Expect about two hours to apply mink lashes, as each lash is set in place one at a time.

If you're considering extensions, chat with us. We offer advice on the best kind of lashes for your eyes.


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